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Thank you Johannes, I have identified your method pretty practical and obvious. It is really sort a aid to receive trough the concept of entropy straight from Boltzmann equation, calling the Shannon bit definition.

I forgot to mention some crucial details. For illustration, that ΔS = Q/T also necessitates the method for being isothermal. If temperature varies the expression just isn't valid and has to be generalized.

I go through what I reported quite meticulously and Regardless of how I squint my eyes, I don't see where by I claimed anything at all remotely similar to this. Paraphrasing what I did say: A program showing to evolve into fewer levels of freedom won't always suggest that its entropy has improved.

It had been early atomist Ludwig Boltzmann who delivered a essential theoretical basis to your thought of entropy. Expressed in contemporary physics converse, his crucial Perception was that complete temperature is practically nothing a lot more than Electricity per molecular degree of freedom.

As far as I realize, the reaction does continue inside the cold and dry although not fast sufficient for it to run absent and burst into flame. But although it won't respond whatsoever, it makes no distinction to what I am stating. The reaction is still downhill energetically and downhill entropically.

Making use of this definition, Clausius was able to Solid Carnot's assertion that steam engines cannot exceed a selected theoretical the best possible efficiency right into a much grander assertion:

In Einstein's day the bullshit best site filter dial was established dangerously towards "Newtonian". Were it not for Eddington's constructive final result from his solar eclipse experiment, relativity could fairly very likely have endured for the hand of that BS filter.

I wasn't putting on my protecting head gear.  I have programed a quaternion logarithm, so I'm glad to discover it can be nicely-described.  I've however for making the animation.  I went to Paris on my honeymoon, but didn't drop in to go to with Alain Connes.  To bad about that, It could be entertaining to consume and shoot the shit with him if he is that sort of fellow.

So I puzzled (Aaron, I hope you can read through this) if when relating details towards the entropy on the universe; really should we do it to the observed, the utmost or Probably the distinction between both of these?

The almighty next legislation of thermodynamics rendered trivial by deploying an information and facts-theoretical definition of entropy.

As described: gravitational degrees of freedom (no-1 understands what they're, There is certainly a lot of anticipations, but unquestionably no consensus) are well over and above the intended scope of the didactical site publish.

In information idea, a 'Exclusive' Preliminary point out does not improve the quantity of bits. If all cash to begin with show head, all bits are originally 0. Because the coins improve point out, the bits alter price, and the quantity of bits won't improve. It's going to take N bits to describe N coins in all doable states. 

Physical portions not given by figures? Who explained to you that? If I evaluate an angle, it is a selection (occasionally referred to as variety of radians). If I measure the good composition continual, This is a variety. I'm able to go on and on... ( By the way: you might be mixing up Shannon with Janes.)

If you only stand for the situation of each air molecule then the entropy is similar in equally scenarios. If having said that you use a lot less bits to describe the posture in the situation in which They can be only in a single aspect then the knowledge needed is a lot less.

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